CATUR Collection 20/21

One of the biggest challenges that we faced while producing coffee in Indonesia is consistency. This problem stretches from consistency of crop, availability and most importantly taste from harvest to harvest.

At SSG, we would like to help tackle this challenge by producing coffee in taste profiles rather than merely producing by the variety. Together with our partner farmers, we produce 4 distinctive taste profiles. They were made possible by our proprietary processing techniques that were developed to ensure that we are able to offer the same taste profiles every harvest year.

The name CATUR comes from an old Sanskrit language meaning four, referring to the 4 key taste profiles: Bumi, Senja, Pucuk, Kamala

IIT (Indonesia International Trading) & SSG are collaborating with the same purpose in mind: to empower our Indonesian coffee growers at origin. There are plenty of these growers who produce great coffee but do not have the platform to showcase them. This is where we come in:SSG focuses on working together with the growers and help with innovative processing methods; IIT with distribution and supply chain

Our CATUR collection is launching at the end of October 2020 and can be purchased directly from our distribution partner at

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