Our Why

We love the Indonesian coffee scene. Heck, we could be anywhere in the world sipping caipirinhas but we chose to be here. We love how detail oriented the baristas are, the warmth of small independent shops, the big ice coffee chains cooling us down on a scorching hot day and most of all the hardworking Indonesian coffee farmers giving us some great coffees. 

However, this happy kumbaya type of scenario doesn't always happen. We all lack consistency and we don't always hit and uphold the standards that we once set or want to achieve. 

Through our years in coffee, we notice that this is not an isolated problem. From the baby baristas forgetting to do the most basic cleaning, to shop owners having no clue on bar workflow and putting only instragrammability at the utmost importance, all the way to lame ass post-harvest coffee processing techniques or cutting corners at the roastery. 

Using our years of experience running coffee shops, sourcing & roasting for them and competing in the World Championships, we would love to help our fellow coffee professionals navigate the rough waters of this coffee life. SSG Coffee Company focuses on both ends of the coffee spectrums: We offer consultancy on the cafe side of things as well as sourcing you our very own processed kick-ass Indonesian coffee beans.